Rapid Response Event Data
Ohio's Rapid Response to Layoffs

When layoffs are unavoidable, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services' Rapid Response Unit provides vital help to both the affected workers and their communities. As soon as the department receives a WARN notice, the Rapid Response Unit can assess what services the workers need and then provide those services, either on-site or nearby. Rapid Response staff can help workers with skills assessment, basic skills training, individual career counseling, short and long-term occupational skills training, and job seeking and placement assistance.

Help for both workers and employers is available in our OhioMeansJobs Centers.

Employers planning layoffs should follow these simple steps:  

  • Step One: Notify us through any of the contact methods listed on the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.  
    • Your local designated ODJFS or Rapid Response representative will contact you and set up a time to meet with you and discuss available programs and resources.
    • Completing the Initial Contact worksheet will help you gather information we need about your layoff. The Employer Characteristics worksheet will help us learn more about the workforce and what type of assistance is needed.
  • Step Two: Initial Meeting. Your Rapid Response representative will meet with you to gather more information about your organization's situation and plans you have made for your employees. They will discuss how we can best assist you and your employees.
    • Studies have shown that when employees and employers work together to receive our services, employees are able to move on to their next careers sooner.
  • Step Three: Plan. Our Rapid Response team will survey your employees to identify demographics, skills, and services they may need. From this information, and working closely with you, we will develop an action plan. Many companies provide on-site space for early intervention services. You might think about the availability of a meeting room, computer access, and your communication strategy.
    • Ideally, a joint action plan will be developed with labor, management and service providers present.
    • The Rapid Response team will present the options for transitional services and you may decide how to proceed. The plan could include a number of actions: worker orientation, communication about services, scheduling a various workshops, and opening of a transition center or hosting a job fair.
  • Step Four: Worker Orientation. After workers have been notified of the layoff, our Rapid Response team members will meet with them to outline the wide variety of programs and services available and answer their questions. This meeting will ideally be held during business hours, at a time convenient for most workers to attend.
  • Step Five: Access to Services. Ideally, Rapid Response services are provided on-site and if not possible, then off-site, but nearby. Working with you, we will decide where best to provide these services for your employees. 

These services can include:

  • Skills testing and assessment
  • Labor market and career counseling
  • Resume and cover letter development
  • Job search skills training or workshops
  • Job placement assistance
  • Training or retraining (vocational, technical, & on-the-job)
  • Basic education (such as literacy, ESL training, GED, and remedial classes)
  • Budget and financial management counseling
  • Stress management and mental health services
  • Temporary financial assistance

Read about WARN Act Compliance Assistance Materials from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Last updated: 04/24/2017